Wood Pumpkins for Coastal Beach Fall Decor

Wood pumpkins for Coastal Fall Decor are a great alternative with many possibilities!

Blue Painted Beach Wood Pumpkin Idea
Shop already decorated wood pumpkins at Tahlulas Treasures or shop Plain Wood Pumpkins that you can decorate and embellish to your heart's content. 

Ideas include beach style decorated wood Pumpkins Painted Blue or white, embellished with Coastal Theme Cutouts, Crushed Shells, and others.   

Wooden Pumpkins Decorate Embellish Beach Wood

Beach Decor Wood Pumpkins Seashells

Wood Driftwood Pumpkin Fun

Using driftwood pieces to decorate a wood pumpkin is another great idea. You can make it fun with a face! 

Unfinished Wood Pumpkins for Coastal Nautical Beach Fall Decor

Painted Wooden Pumpkin Sea Life Coastal Art

Beach Pumpkin Door Hanger Thankfur

You can discover all kinds of wood pumpkins that you can decorate with beach treasures and personalize in any way you want. From traditional shaped wood pumpkins to many other varieties!