Outdoor Coastal Wall Art & Decor | Metal Art, Canvas Art & more

No space is completely without art, your outdoor space included.

Outdoor Fish Wall Art
To Create a Sea Inspired Outdoor Space that invites to lounge and relax just like your living room does, include the walls in your design. Here are some ideas how to decorate your exterior walls.

You can catch all kinds of fish there, as well as mermaids. Artist sculptures made in South Carolina.

Outdoor Coastal Wall Decor
Beautiful sea inspired metal wall art constructed of 18 gauge steel on a fiber laser. Each product is clear coated, making it weather-proof, and there are many colors to choose from. Made in Alabama.
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Sea Life Metal Wall Decor Outdoor

Tropical Metal Fish Outdoor Wall Decor
Hand painted metal wall hangings featuring lots of tropical fish, as well as sea turtles, crabs and others. Each design has been hand cut from recycled steel drum.

Outdoor Coastal Sea Life Wall Art PVC Cutouts Made in USA
Sealife, shorebirds, palms, whales, anchor & more. Made with half inch all weather PVC in Florida.