A Beautiful Nautical Christmas Tree in Blue

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This is one beautiful nautical Christmas tree in blue! To decorate a theme tree in one unified color has quite a visual impact. I happen to love it! And all the cute nautical ornaments, plus a captain's Santa under the tree, are such eye candy. Take a look!

nautical Christmas tree on porch
The Nautical Christmas Tree sits on a porch in a lake house!

nautical ornaments
On her blog, The Decorative Dreamer, Mary says: "I always see such cute nautical ornaments while on vacation and never get any because I've never thought they would look right on my trees." Well, all that has changed! Mary added a new tree to her collection, and decorated it in a nautical blue theme.

sailor captain Santa
And check out the captain's Santa under the tree! Isn't he cute? To view many more pictures of this nautical Christmas tree, head over to The Decorative Dreamer!

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Loui♥ said...

totally awesome Maya!!
headed over to visit Dreamer!

Jamie Watkins said...

Where did you get that sailor santa?

Maya Nagel said...

Jamie, I don't know, you would have to click over to "The Decorative Dreamer" and ask there. Thanks for stopping by!!
Maya @ Completely Coastal

Pirate Life said...

Super excited you pinned my tree ornaments. Thanks so much. Made my day📌 🐚

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