DIY Anchor Stencil Wall Design

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I love the anchor motif, but never would have thought of a DIY stencil wall design. So check out this fabulous statement wall!

wall stencil design with anchor motif
Rather than add a Bold Color to the walls, the team at A Beautiful Mess decided that a nice print would be a good change. This is what they came up with. A DIY Anchor Stencil Wall Design. It's a low-cost project and you learn how to make a stencil with craft foam and cardboard.

anchor wall stencils
It's such a fun wall. With DIY wall stencils you can have a great design on your wall without having to mount (or pay for) Wallpaper. A great alternative if you ask me. The Stencil wall design took about a day to complete. And of course the design can be anything you'd like it to be, your favorite sea creature for example! White Space White Space

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