Beachy Coastal Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric pumpkins are soft, cozy, and super easy to make. Or shop!

no sew fabric pumpkins
Scrumptious sea theme fabric pumpkins created by Flax & Willow (Timewashed). The driftwood stems and tag give these pumpkins a fun beachy attitude.

Coastal Theme Fabric Pumpkins

Teal Turquoise Blue Small Velvet Fabric Pumpkins

Orange fabric pumpkin with shell made By The Seashore.

making a fabric pumpkin
Pumpkin created with white linen, then topped it off with a shell, as well as a wired ribbon and leaves.

making fabric pumpkins
In a nut shell. Cut a fabric circle and encase a ball of batting, pulling it together with thread, then use hot glue to attach a shell.

Like the above, this Fabric Pumpkin has a driftwood stem too. And it is filled with lavender buds.

DIY Linen Pumpkins with driftwood stems. They're no sew DIY pumpkins. Fabric strips were wrapped around a toilet paper roll.

blue fabric pumpkin
And another no sew blue Fabric Pumpkin.

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