Coastal Decorating Ideas for Fall -Just Add Leaves

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What I love most about Fall are the turning leaves. The color displays are just plain gorgeous. From vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red to earthy browns. So, you guessed it. My top favorite coastal decorating idea for Fall are all about leaves! Here's a round up of a few great examples.

decorating idea for Fall with leaves in a vase
A pretty Fall Vase with beach sand and seashells.

coastal Fall
No need to change out your coastal vignette. Add a bit of rustic orange with foliage to reflect the season. Via White as Linen, featured here.

Fall leaves in a bucket with driftwood
I love this idea too (same source as the first picture). A bucket full of Fall leaves and driftwood sticks! Would look great by the entry.

Fall Leaf wreath with starfish
A Fall wreath with starfish by French Country Cottage, featured here.

leaf on the beach photograph
Or how about this decorating idea for Fall -adding leaves with Leaf Photographs!

frame leaves
And I'm still proud of my Framed Fall Leaves on Beach Sand. The project connected me with something I loved to do as a kid which was collecting leaves and pressing them. White Space

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