Simple Natural Christmas Decorating with Greenery Coastal Style

Simple natural Christmas decorating ideas with greenery for little money.

Christmas wreath with greenery
You have seen Green and Simple Christmas Wreaths, and a Victorian Coastal Cottage dressed up with ferns and palms. Now let's tour this Chesapeake Home. The decor theme is simple and natural, using what was on hand or what could be found find in nature.

coastal Christmas kitchen
The windowsill in the kitchen is decorated with burlap ribbon, blue mason jars and mother nature in form of cypress greenery.

Christmas decorations with greenery

simple Christmas decorating with greenery
Bowls on top of the TV armoire are filled fresh cedar. Starfish resting between each bowl adds a coastal touch. You can see more here.

driftwood pelican
And outside in the cold,  a driftwood pelican Christmas.

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