Wood Beach Sling Chairs for Deck and Patio -Shop & DIY

Simple beachy wood sling chairs for your deck and patio.

beach sling chairs in England
Wood beach sling chairs populate the beaches in England. Striped in radiant bright colors, blowing in the breeze, lined up or arranged in circles. The seaside charm of wood beach sling chairs, also known as deck chairs, is undeniable. Image source no longer available.

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Striped Sling Chair

An alternative version of the traditional wooden beach sling chair, available in a variety of beachy colors.

sling chairs on deck
Beachy striped sling chairs looking good on a deck.

make a folding beach sling deck chair
A sling chair can be hung on the wall when not in use. Seen here.

make a folding beach sling deck chair
Want to make a beachy sling chair? Then check out this child sized DIY Beach Sling Chair, and this Deck Chair Tutorial at Canadian Living with instructions for both, an adult's and a child's version.

Striped Beach Chairs
Chill in a beach sling chair!