Beach Craft with Sand Plaster Mold

You might have seen sand plaster molds to make everlasting sand impressions of kid's hands and feets, this beach craft is similar, only it uses a starfish instead.

sand plaster mold with starfish
You can create this beach craft right at the beach, or just take some sand with you and do this Sand Craft at home. It will make a super beachy decoration. Make a Sand Plaster Mold by pushing a starfish (or shell) into the sand, face down, and a frame around it.

make sand plaster mold on the beach
Then after removing both, the starfish and the frame, you fill the areas with plaster, and let dry.

sand plaster mold of starfish
This is what it will look like with a frame mold. You can play around and find your own design. To create a disc/circle might be very nice.