Homemade Spoon Garden + Plant Markers

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Do you have a bunch of vintage silver spoons stored away in a box? Here's how you can turn them into one of a kind pot decorations or garden plant markers!

spoon plant and garden markers
A beautiful Hand Stamped Marker made by Beach House Living.

marking plant marker with spoon
The process of making spoon markers start with hammering the spoons flat. This sounds like a lot of fun! Then you mark where the letters go.

stamp silver spoon
Then what you'll need are letter stamps -not too small, and with long enough handles. Some practice may be needed to get the letter impressions just right -it's an art form after all! Want to try? Head over to Lindsay's Blog for a step by step tutorial!

Hopefully your spoon garden/plant markers turn out like Rita's masterpieces here! White Space White Space

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