Ships in Bottles

Do you know how a ship gets in a bottle?

Ship in Bottle

How to Get Ship in Bottle
Ships in bottles is a maritime art form. The masterfully crafted ships in bottles by Jim Goodwin were featured in the movie The Lovely Bones. Jim Goodwin was contracted by Dreamworks Production to provide his ships in bottles for their adaption of Alice Sebold's Novel.

"The main secret in how a ship goes in a bottle is collapsing the mast," Jim Goodwin says.

Collapsed, the ship fits through the bottle neck. Once the ship is inside the bottle, the string is pulled and the mast stands up.

Jim Goodwin demonstrating ship in bottleIn a previous life Jim Goodwin was a geologist and an educator. Now he devotes his time to preserving this maritime art form. You can find his ships in bottles at Village Craftsmen. And below is a video clip!