A Nantucket Christmas by Leslie Linsley

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Celebrating Christmas Nantucket style.

In the book A Nantucket Christmas author Leslie Linsley shares some history, festive recipes, and many Nantucket style decorating ideas with 150 color photographs. A treat for everybody who loves Nantucket, whether you've been on this charming New England island or plan to visit one day.

Nantucket Christmas Tree
Part of the introductiont reads: "This little Spit of land in the Atlantic Ocean has managed to achieve a level of sophistication that comes from adapting to whatever is new and elegant while retaining an atmosphere of casual simplicity and its own traditions." Via Flickr.

Nantucket Street
Located off the coast of Massachusetts, Nantucket island is a world known summer destination with irresistible charm. And now it's illuminated by all the Christmas lights. Can it get more picturesque! Via Flickr.

Nantucket Chistmas
Here another excerpt from the book: "We have endeavored to show off our island at its prettiest, in December, when Nantucket looks like an old-fashioned Christmas card, as islanders take special care to decorate their homes with traditional bowers and garlands of evergreens, holly, winterberries, seashells, and pinecones. The shops in town are decorated as well, and Main, Centre, Federal, and India Streets are lined with Christmas trees that are ceremoniously lit at sundown on the Friday after Thanksgiving." Sounds wonderful! Via Flickr. White Space White Space

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