Sparkling Glitter Crafts

Add sparkle to your space with glitter crafts!

Glittered Starfish
Mrs. M "The Goddess of Sparkling Glitter Crafts" sent me some of her glittered starfish and shells. And they found a home on this round mirror. So I spent a whole afternoon browsing her site, collecting projects. Here we go!

Sparkling Crafts
Mrs. M adores Seashore Decor as much as we do. In a shabby chic cottage kind of way.

glitter starfish
Snowflakes with glittered starfish for a small white Christmas tree.

Small White Christmas Tree
Little starfish here. And the stand for the Tiny Tree is a tea cup!

glittered seashell Christmas ornaments
Sparkling Glittered Seashell Christmas Ornaments.

Glitter Starfish
Mrs. M uses German Glass Glitter...

German Glass Glitter
which comes in 6 oz containers.

Glitter Starfish
She also uses Martha Stewart's glitter that you can buy at Michael's.

Sparkling Glitter Plate
A blue glittered plate that shows off white shells in high contrast. And many more sparkling glitter crafts...

Glitter Crafts

Starfish Bottle Stopper

Sparkling Glitter Wreath

Glitter Pot

Glitter Craft Idea

Shell Glitter Crafts

Glitter Craft Project Ideas
And this is what Mrs. M says about her passion for glitter crafts: "Looks like the only thing I like better than dressing up shells with a nice layer of taking lots and lots of pictures of them!"

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