Coastal Style by Sally Hayden and Alice Whately

Get a taste of simple coastal style living with Sally Hayden and Alice Whately.

Coastal Style the Book
Coastal Style by Sally Hayden and Alice Whately with pictures by British photographer Paul Massey is a celebration of simple coastal living.

Sally HaydenThe book features more than 200 photographs of homes with coastal themes from around the world, and talks about coastal style decorating from the creation of light and breezy rooms to the selection of simple furnishings that echo the natural beauty of surf and sand.

Coastal StyleSimple coastal style living with low maintenance wood furnishings. Via Mondo Cherry.

Alice WhatelyOther favorite elements are wood or stone flooring, tiles, wicker chairs, nautical charts, seashells, driftwood, old glass; all adding to the coastal flavor. Keeping rooms uncluttered and connecting with the outdoors is the goal. And the book includes tips how to get the look.