Tobi Fairley -Tips for Hanging Art

Tips for hanging art from a pro.

Tips for Hanging Art by Tobi FairleyI love the art grouping Tobi Fairley did in her own den. It has the same visual impact as a large piece. "In my den, I hung a collection of like pieces over my sofa with absolutely no space between the frames, they are literally touching each other."

"When hanging art over furniture, keep them close together. The art should relate to the furniture as if they are a cohesive unit or vignette."

tips for hanging art"The bold use of color and pattern that I incorporate in my designs is the hallmark of my signature style." says Tobi Fairley in an interview with Traditional Home which selected her as one of the Top 20 Young Designers in America.

Tobi Fairley BathroomIn this bathroom she surprised me with the gap between the tight composition and the last row of two pictures. "I used a collection of art to simulate wallpaper…but the good news is you can take it with you if you go!"

"When hanging a series, think of the grouping as one large piece."

Tobi Fairley Hanging Art"And on the bedroom wall, I framed this collection with plaster paneling to create a focal point."

"When deciding on whether to select and hang a vertical piece or grouping or a horizontal piece or grouping, think of it like stripes in wallcoverings or textiles. A vertical stripe is more formal, traditional and raises your eye level making a space feel taller. A horizontal stripe feels more casual, contemporary and expands the width of the space."

Barry Dixon DesignAnd even Tobi Fairley says that there are no rules when it comes to hanging art. "As is evident in a very interesting corner display from designer Barry Dixon, there really are no rules."