Sandra Bullock in The Proposal -Rockport and Manchester by the Sea (MA) portray Sitka, Alaska

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Take a look behind the filming of The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. It involves a town makeover!

Sitka Alaska
The story of the movie The Proposal with Sandra Bullock takes place in Sitka, Alaska.

Rockport MA in The Proposal
But as we know The Filming of The Proposal was all done in the quaint coastal town of Rockport, MA.

Sandra Bullock in The Proposal
Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian publishing executive working in America, who is about to get deported.

Main Street Rockport filming The Proposal
She forces her assistant, played by Ryan Reynolds, to marry her, so she can stay in the US. That's when they fly to Alaska to visit his family to break the news. Here, filming on Rockport's Main Street.

Sandra Bullock filming the proposal in Rockport
And along Bearskin Neck, one of the main attractions in Rockport with little studios, shops, and restaurants that line its narrow roads.

Rockport MA
This time of the year the town's buzzing with visitors. Many of the shops had new signs on them while filming was taking place. Mark Kanegis photography gallery for example was transformed into the Sitka Internet Café, and James Russell Goldsmiths became Alaska Outfitters.

Rockport MA
It's only a few houses down from where they put up the Sitka, Alaska banner.

red shack in Rockport MA
Rockport's trade mark, the dark red shack.

red shack in Rockport MA
The shack was dressed with two signs, see Wicked Local.

filming the Proposal
Totem poles were installed in Dock Square, as well as a Welcome to Sitka sign.

And the front of the Old Firehouse Trust building was converted into the Paxton Burger & Brew -Paxton being the name of Ryan Reynolds' character. Via Gloucester Times.

House in the Movie The Proposal
The location of The House in The Proposal looks like a remote Alaskan island, accessible by boat only, but it's Gary and Diane Kaneb's home on 5 Gales Point Road in Manchester by the Sea, MA.

Kaneb House 5 Gales Point Road Manchester MA
The home is an early-20th-century cedar shingle and natural stone house with 9 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and most importantly a dock.

house in The Proposal
Yes, the Kaneb's turned their house over to Touchstone and Disney Studios for filming The Proposal during about two months in the spring of 2008.

Would you turn your home over the a movie crew?

Sandra Bullock in The Proposal
Have Sandra Bullock run around your yard?

living room in The Proposal
And a living room full with people you don't know? It could be fun and lucrative too. The Kaneb's declined to discuss the amount their coastal home earned while starring in the movie The Proposal, but the fees can range from $1,500 to $3,500 a day.

filming locations in The Proposal

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Christy said...

What an interesting post! Loved it - it definitely makes me want to visit Rockport some time! I hope they get to keep the totem poles.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

So many things to love in this post!! Firstly that house! I love it! It is a dream home for sure! [would love to see inside so will have to watch the movie]. Then Rockport!! I've only recently seen images of Rockport and fell in love with it immediately. And Sandra Bullock is a favourite too! Great Post Maya.

Chris said...

what a beautiful spot , that house was to die for , really , I saw the movie twice , it was great.

Ps thanks for adding my new oar to your oar pics .
Just Beachy

Juju said...

This was awesome.
Thank you.
I loved this.
Wonderful pictures have me ready to visit Maine.
I'm hoping to visit Alaska for the first time next year.

suburban prep said...

Interesting posting.
I have been to parts of Maine but not Rockport. I have however also been to Sitka Alaska and the town as it was transformed still looks a bit too East Coast. it is a darling town on either coast.

Tina said...

What a fun post!

Domestic Diva said...

Wonderful post... great house!
xxx me

Shirley said...

I love's one of our favorite places to vacation. It's been a while since we've been there. You've inspired me to go again soon.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

What a wonderful place this would be to visit. I can't wait to see the movie. I love Sandra Bullock, so it has to be a great movie right? Thanks for swinging by to see my guys on the tractor..hope all is well your way..hugs ~lynne~

Linda Merrill said...

I had no idea the movie was filmed here in MA! I haven't seen the movie - but wonder if I'd recognize Marblehead. Hmm...

Ms. Tee said...

I didn't realize it wasn't even filmed in Alaska! I think Forest Gump was filmed in Beaufort (or near) S.C., instead of off the coast of Alabama, where the movie is set. :)

Fifi Flowers said...

FAB you house... location... and LOVED the movie... can't wait to own it on DVD!!!

Susan said...

When I saw the movie I thought I should visit Alaska but I really need to visit Mass. I think I'm in love with Rockport!

Pearl Maple said...

Great post, Bears Neck and Rockport are a beautiful part of the New England coast. Amazing how they did over the place over to suit the movie.

Brenda said...

What beautiful scenery with the mountains in the background. There are hills in Texas, but nothing that comes close to those majestic mountains.

Elyse said...

just found your blog. interesting pics from the film shoot. gosh, i haven't been to rockport since i was little! looks beautiful.


KarenB said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. So here I am and what do I see? I love this post. I lived in MA for 5 years and recognized Rockport in the movie IMMEDIATELY! We loved visiting Rockport when we lived there. We've also vacationed at the Cape for several years. Need to do that again, but it is much more difficult now that we're in SoCal. Thanks for all the movie pictures and info. Very fun post!

Anonymous said...

I also knew it was Rockport, when I saw the scene when they got out of the truck to go on the boat. The Red Barn is not hard to reconize, when you know what and where it is. Lived in Lynn and when I lived on New Hampshire, I used to drive to go see an old school friend in Glouster at least once a week. Rockport is one little, loverly town. Also, the airport scene was taped at the Beverly Airport. The movie, "Mall Cop" was filmed in Burlington Mall as well.
Len from Hudson, FL

Elin said...

If the house can only be reached by boat in the movie, how is it that Margaret and Andrew leave the house in the boat leaving Grandma Annie and Andrew's mother at the house. With the boat tied to the Sitka dock, they explore the town of Sitka meeting up with Grandma and mother who take Margaret to try on the wedding dress. So, my question...How did they get into town?

Sometimes, when I watch a movie I like so many times in a row, I see these inconsistencies, of which this was not the only one in the film.

Elin said...

Oh, I have been to Rockport years ago...I think it was in 1998, with the fellow I was dating. He grew up back in Philadelphia and wanted me to see the east coast. I live in northern California and on the coast, so it was an enlightening experience to see the sun rise out of the ocean rather than set. Unfortunately, I was really hoping that the movie was filmed in Alaska, another place I've always wanted to visit.

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