House between Rocks

Rocks are your neighbors in this house!

castel meur in Brittany France
The house between rocks, or Castel Meur, sits amidst a fabulous landscape of rock formations.

map Brittany France
Location, the township of Plougrescant in Brittany, France.

house between rocks
Built in 1861 the house, being as cute and amazing as it is, was eventually discovered and became famous when photos of it were sold as postcards around the world.

unique house between rocks
This attracted busloads of tourists with cameras! And they behaved badly! It's hard to believe but they began to climb up on the house to be photographed which caused damage to the property. The owner then had to forbid any commercial representation of Castel Meur, and installed an electric fence -just kidding. May the house between rocks rest in peace. Photos via Earth Trek.

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