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DIY & Craft Supplies | Where to Buy Thick Rope, Wood Plaque Canvases, Wreath Frames, and more

Here is where you can buy the supplies for the greatest coastal DIY & craft projects!

Where to Buy Coastal Craft Supplies

Michaels is the place where you can find pretty much anything that you need to get creative. Rope, wreath frames, wood shadow boxes, wood plaque canvases, and so much more. You name it, they probably have it. This post is in response to all the questions I get were to find certain things, especially thick rope.

Where to Buy Rope
Natural Rope Thick, Natural Rope Medium, and Thinner to create all kinds of really cool home decorations, such as Round Rope Rugs, Wall Art, Rope Handles for furniture, Mirrors, Railings, and many other decorations. All featured in the category Rope Crafts!

Where to Buy Wreath Frames
Styrofoam Wreath Frames, Wire Wreath Frames (round and square), as well as grapevine wreath frames in different shapes to make your dream wreath for certain occasions or for year round. Examples: Driftwood Peace Sign Wreath and Mussel Shell Wreath. You can browse them all in the category Wreaths!

Unfinished Wood Shadow Boxes

Unfinished Wood Shadow Boxes
to fill with beach finds and memories. You can paint these boxes to match your display and decor! Check out the gorgeous examples: Vacation Memory Shadow Boxes, Shell Filled Shadow Boxes, and Beach Diorama Boxes.

Wood Canvas
Unfinished Wood Plaque Canvases to create the fabulous abstract ocean paintings here and here, and Art with Quotes!

Ocean Painting on Wood
Another version of the Wood Plaque comes with jagged edges. The Ocean Painting on Wood is from Etsy (no longer available).

These are just a few of the most popular DIY projects where Michaels (online or the local store) can supply you with all the materials you need. Other things they carry include Canvas Value Packs, chalkboard plaques, beach themed stickers, Burlap Trim, Burlap Runners, coastal fabrics, wooden letters, arrow signs, and so much more. See some of my favorite picks here!

Note: If any of these items are out of stock, search the site for similar items, or check your local Michael store.

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