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DIY Anchor Stencil Wall Design

I love the anchor motif, but never would have thought of a DIY stencil wall design. So check out this fabulous statement wall!

wall stencil design with anchor motif
Rather than add a Bold Color to the walls, the team at A Beautiful Mess decided that a nice print would be a good change. This is what they came up with. A DIY Anchor Stencil Wall Design.

how to stencil wall
For all the detailed instruction, make sure to head over to their site. It's a low-cost project and you learn how to make a stencil. In a nutshell. You make an anchor with craft foam that you then mount on a piece of cardboard. That's your stencil stamp! Sounds simple enough. The time consuming part is easy to guess. Marking the wall with masking tape, making sure that all the anchor stencils are spaced out right. And be prepared to do touch ups, especially if your wall is textured.

anchor wall stencils
It's such a fun wall. With DIY wall stencils you can have a great design on your wall without having to mount (or pay for) Wallpaper. A great alternative if you ask me. The Stencil wall design took about a day to complete. And of course the design can be anything you'd like it to be, your favorite sea creature for example!
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1 comment:

Josh Urso Design said...

So charming! We've always enjoyed the anchor motif on clothing (ultra preppy shorts, pants, belts and ties) and have never thought to use as a wallcovering idea. You could scale it down for a more subtle nod to nautical style, or scale it way up to the point of having the anchors touch one another. Low contrast paint could be cool with that option.

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