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Turn a beautiful decorative coastal fabric into wall art! <b></b>

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Four coastal sewing project ideas to create custom home decor.<b> </b>

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Paint your own oceanic lampshade!

Drawers Lined with Coastal Fabric

Have a fun surprise every time you open your drawers.

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Can&#39;t find the Perfect Coastal Nautical Beach Pillows ? Make one!

Make Nautical and Coastal Roman Shades

Dress up your windows with nautical and coastal roman shades.

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Beachy Coastal Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric pumpkins are soft, cozy, and super easy to make. Or shop!

Print on Fabric with Real Shell Stamps -For Pillows, Sheets & more

Create a shell pattern with real shell stamps.

Upholstering a Chair Coastal Style -How To & Upholstered Chair Ideas

Examples of great upholstered chairs with <b> Coastal Fabric .</b>

Painting Pillows -6 Painted Pillow Design Ideas with a Coastal Theme

Take a look at these painted pillows. They are beautiful and original.

Lobster Print Fabric

The popular lobster print fabric.

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Adorable felt sand dollars and starfish.

DIY Coastal Lampshades Made from Photographs

My  Coastal Lampshades made from Photos .