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To make your front door beautiful and coastal is not difficult to do. Here are 3 easy front door decorating ideas!

Yellow Front Door

Add a bright and fun coastal or nautical decor accent, such as couple of Buoys as seen at Tatertots and Jello. Hang a shell or Driftwood Garland, lean Oars, place a large Shell Pot by the entry, anything that reminds you of the shore and makes you smile!

Handmade Front Door Wreath with a Beach Theme
Hang a wreath is a classic. A gorgeous Handmade Wreath that features beach finds will give your front door not only coastal flair but also a meaningful personal touch. Featured here.

Blue Painted Front Door
And of course, paint! Makeover your front door in a delicious blue that reminds you of the ocean, as seen in a Seabrook Cottage featured on House of Turquoise.

Create an inviting coastal or nautical front door entry that makes you feel great! Below are more ideas!

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