A Sea Inspired Chalkboard Kitchen Door for Thanksgiving

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A chalkboard kitchen door is not only a very handy thing for jotting down notes and grocery lists, you can also use it to Express Yourself with a Quote or Saying and add a seasonal touch to your kitchen. With so many chalkboard paint colors to choose from (and DIY tutorials all over the web), go ahead and create something fun and vibrant! Jain of A Quiet Life who's lovely California cottage I featured here, did just that and created a sea inspired chalkbaord kitchen door for Thanksgiving, with a nifty idea how to store your chalks.

And an upside down drawer handle stores the chalks! Will you be chalking up something for Thanksgiving?

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a quiet life said...

thank you maya for featuring my "sand" room door, we don't have mud here! the chalkboard door is a little closet in my almost completed new laundry room/pantry/dish overflow/sand room. i call it the aquarium, its 100% over the top seaside delight, a great place to craft and play, oh, and do laundry...

cracking up this chalkboard is here, when i drew it my husband said oh look a pirate ship... with my limited talents its the nina, pinta and santa maria, all lined up to look like one boat ;-)

happy thanksgiving to you, i will be sharing the completed room pics in a few weeks, just need to get the lighting done and sheetrock the cieling, i jumped the gun on the decorating, why wait to have FUN! thanks again~

Pirate Life said...

Giving thanks for this adorable blog! I love chalkboards. I turned a cabinet door into a chalkboard. If you're bored check mine out on Pintrest I'm at PirateLife4Sher. I don't know how you find these cute ideas you post but I'm THANKFUL for you!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you. (shell in pocket🐚)

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