7 Valentines Decor Crafts with a Coastal Beach Theme

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Here are a few simple Valentines decor crafts with a coastal beach theme. Ideas for lovely things you can make to spread the spirit of Valentines in your home, or to give as a gift to a loved one. From heart-shaped decor crafts to cute little sailor valentines boxes.

valentines decor crafts heart cushions
Lets start with these sweet mini heart pillows made by Gone to the Beach. Use Beach or Nautical Fabric or Paint the Pillows. You can make these as Lavender filled sachets too! I love how they're displayed in a bowl together with shells.

message in a bottle for Valentines
What can possibly be more romantic than receiving a heart warming message in a bottle! Well this bottle has not traveled the seas, but it's the thought that counts, right? Of course you could be one of the few lucky people who has actually found a Cool Sea Bottle.

Here's how you make this little Valentines decor craft. Roll up your message, tie it with a twine and have one string come out of the bottle so that it can be easily pulled out. Add sand and tiny shells and close with a cork. Via Wunderweib.

picture frame with beach rock hearts
Believe it or not, but I have never stumbled upon Heart Rocks on the beach. Have you? I think this is a great Valentines decor craft -beautiful and so simple! Glue a couple of heart rocks to a picture frame. Seen on Etsy.

Valentines shell heart
This DIY Shell Heart is the cutest. Love the color of the mussel shells and the rope wrap. Original source no longer available.

driftwood heart on canvas
Or an even simpler Valentines decor craft. Make a canvas with a Driftwood Heart. All you need is a canvas (or a painted board) and a few driftwood sticks. Via Not on the High Street.

sailor valentines inspired decor crafts with boxes
These sentimental little boxes are inspired by Sailor Valentines. A collection of ocean findings from vacations were used to create a set of boxes. The little nautical compositions on the box lids reflect the sweet sayings inside. You can see all the Valentines Boxes at Martha Stewart.

draw love message on seaglass
Then lastly, use sea treasure as a canvas and draw or stencil short message on them. Seen at Everything Coastal. I think these letters though are etched into the seaglass by laser. But you can draw or paint. And the flatter the piece the better. Simple Valentines decorations that celebrate the spirit of love!

Happy weekend everyone!

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the very first project...hearts among the seashells! Lovely!

Pirate Life said...

I can't even imagine how excited I would be to Receive a message from my husband in a bottle or a sailors valentine box with a ship made from collected sea shells. I would flip out. Super Fabulous Ideas.

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