The Striped Beach Houses of Costa Nova

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I love Stripes, just never expected to see them as an Exterior House Color Scheme. Here are the colorful striped beach houses of Costa Nova, Portugal!

striped beach house exterior
The houses line the beach promenade there, making you feel as if you landed on a movie set or in candy land. Via.

colorful striped houses in Costa Nova
What do you think? Sure works for a beach town like Costa Nova! Via

striped beach house
The houses were originally fisherman's shacks, and when bathing in the sea became fashionable towards the end of the 19th century, the local fishermen began to rent out their "palheiros" in the summer season. They were painted in bright stripes to contrast the sand, inspired by the multicolored "moliceiros", flat bottom boats that are used to harvest seaweed.

striped house
The colorful striped beach houses have become a beloved symbol of the town. Photos via

And I bet, they keep everyone happy on a cloudy day! Via Flickr.

Happy weekend everyone!
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a quiet life said...

beyond fabulous!

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

It's like someone sewed them!

Lisa said...

so cheerful! Thx for sharing!

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