Nautical Decor 101

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Nautical decor 101 to help you find your nautical style and create beautiful rooms that celebrate life at sea.

nautical decor with stripes
Nautical Decor Colors 101:
Like with any decor theme you can be literal about it, go with the color scheme only, or do a combination of both. Let's start with Nautical Colors. Nautical decor is all about capturing the spirit of the high seas, taking inspiration from the vast deep blue sea and white sails gliding across it. Dark blue and crisp white are the colors mostly associated with nautical decor. This classic combo will never go out of style, no matter how it's done -modern and tailored, or relaxed and casual. Bring on the Stripes for a bold sailor chic look! Design by Victoria Hagan.

nautical decor
But nautical decor colors are not limited to blue and white. It includes all colors of the high seas. Think nautical signal flags, life preserver rings, buoys, and colorful sail palettes. You see a lot of red, as well as yellow and black. The winner combination seems to be red, white and blue! Interiors by Barclay Butera.

nautical decor ideas
Nautical Decor Accessories 101:
Popular Nautical Decor Ideas are model yachts, oars, porthole mirrors, ship wheels, navigational maps, rope, anchor motif, fishing glass floats and buoys. Anything you can think of that's related to life at sea! To narrow it down, tune into what you love most about the high seas.

nautical decor  model yachts
Are you passionate about boats? Use a Model Yacht as your big statement piece. Then add accessories that expand on the theme. Salvaged items from retired ships for example.

nautical sea art
If the sight of the wide open sea makes your soul sing, bring it home with a great ocean picture. Use the art as inspiration for the rest of the nautical decor scheme. Via chic Nautical Bedrooms.

sea captain decor style
Does the life of a ship captain spark your imagination? What would his home look like after years spent exploring the world?

ship cabin style decor
Or do you dream of cruising the high seas to faraway places? Bring the experience to your home and create a room that feels like a ship cabin! A small office space, den or Bathroom is the perfect space to convert into a nautical getaway!

seafaring decor style
One aspect of nautical life that I've always loved are harbors. The coming and going of large vessels, trying to guess a ship's home port and where it's headed next. A cool Life Preserver Ring from a foreign ship would capture that!

No matter where you live, I hope these nautical decor ideas help you create a seaworthy home that you love!

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Cathy Basaran said...

Any ideas for a nautical kitchen? Looking for rich mahogany colours instead of white. We overlook Lake Ontario. Thanks and keep up the great ideas!

Maya Nagel said...

Oh my gosh... to get into ship shape you could do beautiful mahogany counter-tops and/or island!

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