Sea Urchin Sculptures for a Coastal Christmas and beyond

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Sea urchins can have spines up to 12 inches long! They protect the urchins from predators. Understandably as home accents they're usually depicted with either tiny spines or non. After all, a Ceramic Sea Urchin Bowl (for example) surrounded with long pointy spines would be rather impractical. But sea urchin sculptures with long spines make unique and elegant decorations for Christmas and beyond!

paper sea urchin ornament
First off, a paper sea urchin ornament by Kissa Design. Isn't this pretty!

white porcelain sea urchins
Then white porcelain sea urchin sculptures mixed in with traditional Christmas decor in a Boston home. Via Pinterest. Fun and festive creatures for sure.

diy sea urchin ornaments
And how cute is this DIY Christmas Sea Urchin. All you need for this project is a foam ball, toothpicks and paint. You have seen a sparkly silver glitter version on 12 Homemade Xmas Ornaments!

sea urchin ornaments
Here you see a bunch of them tucked into the Christmas Tree.

Kissa Design's sea urchin sculptures look stunning as Christmas Tree Toppers too!

sea urchin sculptures on coffee table
They're so fun and playful! There are approximately 700 different species of them, and the largest can reach up to 14 in. I think I'm falling for sea urchin sculptures! This home is feature on Our Boathouse, but I couldn't find the original source.

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Sherri said...

Maya, who thought sea urchins could be so beautiful!! I love the ones tucked in the tree!

Karen Albert said...

Maya I DO love these and have not seen them around. Do you have a source( I probably missed it!

2012 Artists Series,

Nutsy Fagan said...

No, I saw the table top urchins on Houzz too and the designer won't give up the source. Haven't found them yet, but I wil!,,,

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