Top Christmas at the Beach Pictures from Facebook

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Since not everyone is on Facebook (if you are, come join my Page!), I thought I'd post the most shared Holiday pictures from there. I hope you enjoy!

sand snow man at the beach in Seaside FL
This bunch was a huge hit! The cutest Sand "Snow" Men ever, don't you think? Built by the folks in Seaside, FL. Families can have their holiday card photo taken with them!

Santa at the beach cards
Santa Cards by Arden Designs. Apparently Santa likes to skinny dip at night. Who can blame him!

sand Christmas tree
Spotted at The Robin's Nest. This Sand Christmas Tree received a lot of love too! Robin had a blast making the tree and taking pictures. She then took the tree down, because she didn't want the tomato cage the tree was built around to wash away and be garbage in the ocean. We appreciate that!

sand Christmas tree in West Palm Beach
Another spectacular Sand Christmas Tree, 35 feet in height, by the waterfront in West Palm Beach, FL.

Christmas palm tree
This gorgeous Christmas Palm Tree was the cover of Coastal Living magazine a couple of years ago.

sea inspired Christmas tree
And the most liked Christmas Tree stands tall in a Cottage by the sea, featured on 25 Christmas Holiday Trees Inspired by the Sea.

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vicki said...

Hi Maya-- I'm loving all of the "beachy" Christmas pictures!! I think to be at the beach on Christmas would be pure heaven!! You do a magnificent job with your Facebook page:)

Chic Coastal Living said...

These are all so pretty! Merry Christmas! XOXO

Shana said...


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How cute! I'm hoping to be on the beach on Christmas day! Happy holidays!

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