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I discovered Lafayette & Rushford, an online store located in Dunedin FL, last year (featuring their exceptional Christmas Decorations), and I'm honored to have them now here as a sponsor.

coastal tabletop
Lafayette & Rushford sells contemporary home decor accessories, many with a coastal theme. And are you ready for a great deal? They take 25% off your order at checkout! Simply use the discount code COAST25 (USA only). You could give a fresh look to your tabletop and add something from their new Beatriz Ball Collection! These pieces are handmade in the USA and will not tarnish or lose their luster.

driftwood picture frames
I had posted their generous discount offer on my Facebook page and reader Tami was so kind to submit Pictures of her purchase. Two of Lafayette & Rushford's driftwood picture Frames! They now artfully display Tami's heart beach rocks.

black and white coral pillows
Black and white Pillows are a perfect addition to a coastal home decor style that leans toward contemporary.

driftwood candle holders
They have a variety of really great Candle Holders, including this stunning statement piece made from driftwood. A show stopper for sure! It's 30 inches long.

mermaid wall hanging
And I'm also loving this neutral wood Mermaid that's ready to go on the wall. Remember, 25% off with discount code COAST25. Happy shopping at Lafayette & Rushford! White Space White Space

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