Finding Free Beach Christmas Gifts & Decor on the Beach

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Finding free beach Christmas gifts and decor on the beach sounds wonderful! See what a family gathered along the shore and how they turned their finds into gifts and decorations.

collecting beach gifts
"We were looking for seashells, driftwood and anything else that we could use to make Christmas gifts, as well as items to decorate our home." Michelle of Stitch a Wish Designs says. And they scored some wonderful items!

heart beach rock
They picked up a perfectly shaped hearth rock. You could give this to a special someone, Gift Wrapped in a pretty box.

shell flowers
Driftwood and mussel shells. The girls made pretty shell flowers. One will be a Christmas gift for a teacher! To view more flowers, head over to Michelle's blog!

shell tree
Razor shells. I have never heard of these shells before. Have you? Well, Michelle created a gorgeous Christmas shell tree with them. I think I have to drive up there and go beachcombing!

driftwood tree
Driftwood. Michelle made a Driftwood Tree from various pieces of driftwood, a wire coat hanger, jute twine, and shells.

painted wooden oar
And they found an oar too! It was buried deep beneath some seaweed. Now it decorates the garden fence! I'm inspired to go beachcombing! How about you?

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Juju at Tales of said...

I <3 perfectly shaped rocks :)

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Love that clam tree-I have a few razor clams from the CT shore, never seen them down in FL though.

Sherri said...

I love the heart shaped rock!

beachcomber said...

a lovely post & blog!!

Della said...

These are great handmade Christmas gifts, and from the heart...that makes them so much more special!

I didn't know that razor clams were also on the Atlantic side. I though they were a west coast thing...they are delish!

Lili said...

Those mussel shell and sea glass flowers are so pretty! I had never seen razor shells before, but they make a stunning tree. So much fun to shop the shore! ~Lili

Jen Maddox said...

I live in NE FL and we have tons of razor clam shells. They are beautiful but very delicate. BTW I've been lurking for a few months but I adore your blog! I now start everyday with a cup of coffee and your latest blog post! Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration. :)

Beautiful Details said...

Love this, especially the flower they made! I want one! What a great find that rock was. I once found a whelk shell with a hole in it that was a perfect <3. Thanks for sharing!

Stitch a Wish Designs said...

Thank you for sharing my blog! I LOVE yours and am a follower now! Take care. Michelle

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Jen, thanks so much for introducing yourself! Makes me happy that you enjoy my blog!!

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