Dogs on Furniture

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If I had a dog, she or he would have to stay off the furniture, sorry.

dog on furniture
But dogs on furniture (couches mostly) do look darn cute -especially when they fit into the color scheme! And who knows, maybe they even appreciate the coastal touches! So just for the fun of it, dogs on furniture for our amusement. There is, of course, a little bit of decor inspiration in this too. Via Traditional Home.

dog on porch furniture
A lovely ocean blue porch seen at Connecticut Cottages and Gardens. And a Straw Hat purposely (?) placed to complete the beachy summer look.

dog on furniture
The good thing about Glass Floats with netting is, they stay put. Or make rope coils to keep them in place, see More Decor Ideas for Glass Floats. Via Traditional Home.

dog on couch
Here's the pooch that got me started on this dogs on furniture post. Adorable! I think doggy and coral are the same size. But guess what the theme is here - Wall Stencils. And have you seen the post Artificial / Faux Corals for Decor?

dog on couch
Snuggling up to Nautical Pillows. See Thomas Paul Collection.

dog on bed
Dog and bed spread look perfect together in this NYC Seashell Lovers Apartment!

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