Coastal Decorations and Crafts in a Florida Home

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It’s so great to be here at Completely Coastal today. I’m Anita from Going a Little Coastal.

coastal decorations and crafts on porch

I grew up in Florida and returned to my home state after moving around for 27 years. I’ve always had reminders of the beach around my home no matter where we were living. Decorating with bits of nature and nautical items is something I love. It’s a simplified way of decorating and it fits with the way we live.

At the front door I have a rustic shelf that I put together with some old shutters. With the Beach Sign to lead you in the right direction.

coastal decorations and crafts in laundry
The most used door though is the door to the Laundry Room. It is a bright spot in the mornings. It started out rather gloomy and it’s come a long way from what it was.

coastal mirror
This little Mirror was a redo. I found it in a thrift shop and it was in need of some help.

coastal decorations laundry
I made the valance with some ticking, grommets and a bit of rope for the rings.

coastal decorations in laundry
The Bathroom, at the end of the laundry room, used to be a closet. We were in need of a half bath downstairs. Now we have one located just off the pool.

coastal decorations in bathroom
Lots of hooks for wet pool towels.

coastal summer decorations mantel
I recently changed up the mantel to make it a bit lighter for summer. I brought out my oodles of shells and a couple of sea birds.

coastal summer decorations mantel
See more Mantel Decor for Summer Time!

coastal  decorations hall
Even the hall tree gets a bit of some seaside treasures.

fabric craft

I can get crafty every once in awhile too. At least I try! The Towels were stenciled with fabric paint then trimmed with ribbon.

framed shells in shadow box
The shadow box was put together with a frame I found at the thrift store and some canvas for the background. Fast and easy to do.

coastal birdhouse with shells
I always love coming by Completely Coastal. It’s such a great resource for coastal inspired homes. Thanks Maya for letting me show off some of my things. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Thanks so much Anita! What a treat this was -I love all the coastal decorations in your home and the crafts you did. The laundry room turned out so great too -you must love spending time there! And where did you find these lovely shore birds?! White Space White Space

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