Shell Frame Tutorial by Nate Berkus

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Let's learn from Nate Berkus how to make a shell frame for a mirror!

shell frame
You probably know interior designer Nate Berkus. He was a frequent guest on the Oprah show, surprising people with room makeovers, then moved on to his own show. And it so happens that Nate has a shell frame tutorial posted on his site. Here it is in a nutshell!

shell frame turial step by step
First off, he's protecting the glass of the mirror with craft paper. Then Nate creates a nice even lining on the inside with small shells. He uses two-part epoxy glue sold at any hardware store. I'm sure you can use a glue gun too. I guess Nate wanted to play it extra safe.

adhere shells to frame
After the lining is done, he places the larger shells along the outside of the mirror and allows for the glue to dry overnight. After that he fills the gaps with medium and small shells.

shell mirror
And the beautiful shell frame is complete. You could be more elaborate if you wish by simply gluing on more shells. For the full tutorial, read How to Make a Shell Mirror. Tip: A flat frame provides a smoother gluing surface for shells, but a decorative frame will give a fuller look. White Space White Space

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