Homemade Silver Shell Ornaments

While I chose gold paint for My Seashell Ornaments, Simone of Dobermans by the Sea painted hers silver. And she's sharing her homemade shell ornaments today!

silver painted shells

When I blogged about doing a coastal style Christmas a little while ago Maya invited me to do a guest blog about what I would make. So here it goes:

I have a lot of sea treasures from our last vacation, I decided to make some sea shell decorations for our tree. I just needed some basic supplies, like scissors, ribbons, pliers, shells, spray paint and wire. I already had the Dremel tool.

silver shells
I Drilled Holes in the Shells...

... and used wire to wrap around the others.

I then sprayed them silver, and the cone shells I sprayed with a clear laquer since they already had a nice color. I let them dry outside on newspaper. It only took about 30 minutes. After the shells were dry I attached ribbon to them and tied a knot. I then placed the part of the ribbon with the knot inside the shell to hide it.

Shell Ornaments on the tree...

shells in vase
... in Christmas Vases...

... as a Shell Table Centerpiece...

shell Christmas wreath
... and on a Christmas Wreath outside!

I also purchased plastic fillable ornaments, which I wanted to hang from the tree filled with sand and shells. Turns out the XL size I got is too heavy when filled, so I think I will place them on an outside tree, which is more sturdy. Perhaps next year I will give it another try with a different ornament. I thought the take apart ornaments would be easier to work with, but you can't really place the sand and shells the way you want them since it comes apart in the middle. If you want to try this I do recommend the ornaments that are fillable from the top. You can also take sea glass and wrap wire around it and make a loop to hang from the tree. Don't forget to place something nice as the tree topper, I'm going to use a sea star.

Voila! We now have coastal style decorations that are handmade, inexpensive, and unique.

Thank you Maya for hosting me, I appreciate the opportunity very much. Your blog was one of the first ones to inspire me to do my own coastal blog. Let us know what you think of the decorations and stop by Doberman's by the Sea for a Bavarian Christmas starting 26 November.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much Simone!

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