Free Printable Art Pictures of Sea Animals

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Fabulous and free! Printable Art pictures of sea animals via vintage printable.

shell illustrations from vintage printable
From beautiful illustrations of shells to seahorses to many other sea creatures, and I think Alissa of 33 Shades of Green framed her printable art pictures beautifully.

sea animal pictures from vintage printable
I've actually mentioned free vintage printable before on Cabinet of Natural Curiosity. And if you need help on printing the art and formatting it to size scroll down to the end of that post.

printable pictures of sea animal illustrations framed
Then, Emily grouped her Free Printable Art pictures around the TV set and kept everything black and white. Since the illustrations had different colorations online, she first saved the pictures to her computer and then brightened them and changed them to the same tone -she also chose the seahorse!

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Juju at Tales of said...

Just lovely!

Flotsam Friends said...

Hi Maya, oh my goodness... This is a dream come true. How wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it. I adore vintage prints. Pruxxx

Shellbelle said...

I love Vintage Printable and you're right, these bloggers have done a beautiful job framing them!

Marie said...

Hi Maya - I love love love that grouping of sea creatures, especially the seahorse.

I'm back from Charleston, and had the best time. It's definitely a place you have to visit! In fact I immediately want to go back and stay there at least one week.

Anyways, you won my raffle so when you have time, email me your postal/shipping address. Good day!

Emily A. Clark said...

Maya--thanks for including my display. You can't beat free!

alissa said...

Hi Maya - Thanks so much for showing the vintage printables I framed! I love Vintage Printables - Such a great resources of prints.

Happy Wednesday!

Rebekah Williamson said...

G'day from Down Under Maya - I am enchanted by the beautiful vintage free printables and Emily's display wall has really inspired me to go gallery!
Cheers Empressionista (Beck)

Lili said...

I just love Vintage Printable! I love Emily's color scheme, very serene! ~Lili

theLENNOXX said...

Fantastic, thank you so much for this tip! I just printed the octopus (that Emily had on her blog) on photo paper, and it looks great! It will be framed ;)

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