Make Coastal Decoupage Coasters

To make coasters looks like a fun little project to try the Art of Decoupage.

make decoupage coasters using napkins and mod podge
Beautiful coastal coasters created with Glued on Coastal Paper Napkins by Sydney based designer and TV presenter Tara Dennis.

handmade decoupage coasters
To Make these Coastal Decoupage Coasters, grab a few unglazed stone tiles and brush them well with Mod Podge. Take a paper napkin and cut it into four. Peel off the two backing layers of the napkin and apply the design to the surface of the tile. Leave them overnight to dry then sand the edges with a foam sanding pad before varnishing. Also, stick on some clear bumps underneath to protect your table. And to make the coasters truly waterproof, coat them with an outdoor sealer.