Fall Decorating with Pressed Leaves

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Fall decorating with framed pressed leaves and a little bit of sand from the beach!

Fall leaf on beach

Fall Leaves burst with the warm colors of red, orange, yellow and brown, and as a kid I loved to capture and preserve some of that magic, pressing fall leaves between book pages.

Fall leaves pressed and framed
So when we got back from over-wintering in Florida in 2001 and ended up renting a little cottage in Oyster Bay Cove (Long Island), in the midst of majestic trees, the result was pressed Fall leaves framed as wall art.

leaves as wall art
And the leaves are still around, now hanging in the upstairs hallway in my current home -Fall decorating all year round!

pressed leaves framed
And the grainy background? It's fine white sand that I brought with me from Florida's gulf coast. I sprayed some glue on the cardboard, sprinkled them with the sand, then arranged the leaves and put the glass on top. Long Island meets Florida -and in both places we had a wonderful time! White Space White Space

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