Brass Lighting -Ceiling & Pendant Fixtures with a Nautical Twist

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I'm glad Fredeco introduced me to their product line of brass lighting that includes ceiling and pendant fixtures, as well as wall and table lamps. All with a very unique nautical twist!

nautical brass lighting
For a starter, a very chic and simple solid brass ceiling lighting fixture -ship wheel style! Many of the designs I'm showing you here are available in variations and/or as table and wall lamps, so please visit Fredeco and browse!

nautical pendant lighting fixture
An antique looking pendant lighting fixture inspired by ship portholes.

anchor pendant lighting fixture
And I'm really loving the greenish patina and anchor detail on this brass lighting fixture.

brass lighting
It also comes as a beautiful chandelier.

nautical chandelier
And the ultimate nautical chandelier, with an anchor as a focal point.

rustic brass pendant lighting fixture
Or create the seafaring feel with a rustic brass lighting fixture designed with a rope and pulley systems that you find on ships. White Space White Space

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