The Ghost and Mrs. Muir at Gull Cottage

That The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) is the most charming and delightful ghost movie I've ever seen. The story takes place in the British seaside, filmed in northern California.

Gull Cottage
The setting, Gull Cottage, a quaint old home by the sea that was constructed by 20th century fox in Palos Verdes, CA, then dismantled right after production ended.

movie scene Ghost an Mrs. Muir
The perfect home for Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney), a recently widowed young mother, to start a new life.

beach cottage in The Ghost and Mrs Muir
But soon Lucy finds her Beach Cottage is haunted. But unlike previous tenants, Lucy is not scared and demands that the ghost reveal himself.

gull cottage ghost
The ghost appears. It's Captain Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison), builder and previous owner of Gull Cottage, whose portrait hangs in the living room. A relationship starts to blossom.

Gull cottage interior
Then, to help Lucy's financial difficulties, Captain Daniel decides she will write a best-seller, his memoirs. Along the way, their friendship turns into love. But will the love affair between The Ghost and Mrs. Muir have a happy ending? I'm only going to say this: It's a feel good movie!

Gull Cottage
And there really is a Gull Cottage. It resides in Montecito, CA, and it was the home featured in the opening credits of the 60s Sitcom based on the movie.

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