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Get maritime antiques for a truly authentic nautical living experience!

Nautical Antiques
Skipjack is an online store with Showrooms in Portsmouth, Virginia, that offers some exquisite and unique products for Maritime & Nautical Living.

Nautical Antiques Ship Parts
For a truly authentic nautical living experience you need some Maritime Antiques! Items that were used on ships such as Ship Lanterns and Porthole Windows. And as you can see from the picture, porthole windows can be transformed into bathroom cabinets -great idea!

Nautical Buoy Table Lamp
If not a ship lantern, check out their original Table Lamps using nautical buoys, knotwork (hint: the finial!) as well as driftwood. This picture is actually from one of their customers home, to learn more visit Skipjack's Nautical Living blog.

Monkey Fist Knobs
And speaking of knotwork, an easy way to give a dresser a nautical makeover is with these adorable monkey's fist knobs.

Brass Compass Paper Weight
And of course you find beautiful brass items like this brass compass paper weight.

Marine Artist Jim Goodwin
And last but not least, Skipjack also represents some fine Marine Artists, including Jim Goodwin who's Lighthouses and Ships in Bottles you might remember from this post: Ships in Bottles in The Lovely Bones. White Space White Space

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