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Here are a few amazing Caribbean Island Homes!

Island Home
First off, a Caribbean home on the Island of Mustique in the Grenadines, open to the elements. "We come here to live with nature," say the owners, Gillian and Jack Diamond.

Modern Tropical Bedroom
I love the modern and tropical feel here. Casual island style living, just what I would want.

Caribbean Home
And this is the home of Jamaican painter Judy Ann MacMillan. It was built in the 1800s as the "great house" for a modest cattle and pimiento farm. The wooden home has grown over time, with a series of small additions.

Judy Ann MacMillan
One of Judy Ann's paintings, depicting the magnificent view from the porch.

Tropical Living Room
Step inside Judy Ann's home and you find casual rattan furnishings and a palm theme.

Authentic Island Home
Then the house of Graham Davis, who is a painter also. An authentic 250-year-old Caribbean island home; centuries-old limestone to classic cedar shingles give it all the charm.

Caribbean Colors
The porch is simply amazing and the Adirondack Chairs are painted purple to match the surrounding Agapanthus Lilies. Via Coastal Living. White Space White Space

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