31 Seashell Collection Display Ideas

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Whether your seashell collection is large or only a hand full, to give it a dedicated space will make it stand out. After all, a hand picked seashell collection celebrates the sea and tells your story. So here are 30 display ideas to inspire you!

seashell collection display in bowl
You can't really tell by just looking at it, but the bowl above holds quite an exotic little seashell collection with finds from Zanzibar, Fiji, Maldives, and New Zealand. Seen at Sunset.

In order to create a cohesive and striking seashell display, there's one thing you want to keep in mind, and that is focus. If your seashell collection is randomly displayed, it can easily loose its importance, and might even come off as clutter. To quote Dorothy Draper again (see Coastal Collections), "Notice how groups of small objects, when they are well arranged, become important and effective." Well arranged can mean anything from sorting your sea shell collection by type, size, color, or even location.

seashell collection tray
A three tier tray that is usually used for food items, now works great as a portable display. Found here.

seashells in wire basket
A seashell collection featured on Decorating with Wire Baskets.

seashell display box
Even a tool box can be used to hold a seashell collection! Via I Love Shelling. Shared with Funky Junk Interiors.

seashell collection shelf
A hand full of shells are lined up on a small wall shelf. Source no longer available.

display seashell collection in bathroom
Look for unlikely spaces! The seashell display on the shower stall ledge adds to the beachy feel of this bathroom by Jane Coslick, featured on Upholstering a Chair Coastal Style.

shell display in fireplace
Here a non-functional fireplace is filled with seashells. Via Apartment Therapy.

seashell collection on mantel
And speaking of fireplaces, a collection of rustic shells are stacked up on a mantel in a Florida Beach Cottage. This says easy and carefree living!

seashell collection displayed on table
A small table is chosen to organize a grouping of beach finds. Seen in Martha Stewart's Seal Harbor Home.

Shells on Coffee Table Shelf
If your Coffee Table has a shelf. Via Vicky's Home.

seashell collection on stands
Then, an elegant display of a group of large seashells by Mary McDonald Design. To create different heights, some shells sit on stands.

seashell collection in glass box
I love the idea of a seashell collection in a Display Box. And this is not your ordinary box. It's an aquarium!

seashells in antique awuarium
And how about an antique aquarium! For fashion stylist Linda Rodin it was worth the hunt. Follow the link to view her extensive seashell collection, spread throughout her NYC apartment.

shell collection shadow box
A Shadow Box frame filled with a seashells is elevated with an ornate picture holder.

lamp filled with seashells
Fillable Lamps provide a great space for a seashell collection! Via Ideezine.

seashell collection in glass jar
Organizing and Displaying Shell Collections in Glass Jars is simple and beautiful. Seen at Country Living.

decorative glass jars with seashells
A great grouping sure makes for a wow factor! Original source unknown.

seashells in vases
Repetition is effective! Seen at Mondocherry.

To create a beachscape, simply arrange a seashell collection on top of beach sand, then add decorative grasses. By Cleverly Inspired, featured on Beach Style Summer Mantel Decor.

Glass Cloche with Shells
And not to forget cloches. They're so charming! Via Simplicity in the South.

seashells in mason jar
And this sweet Hanging Mason Jar, featured on Pottery Barn Knock Offs may not hold a huge seashell collection, but it's very cute. You could hang a whole bunch of them!

seashell display for wall decor
Next up a few seashell display ideas to decorate your walls. An ordinary woven basket is upcycled into a wall tray that showcases a seashell collection in a very unique way. Shells are glued to the basket. Via Hometalk.

seashell net wall hanging
Also unique and creative! Drill Shells and hang them within a net. Original source unfortunately unknown.

beach shell memory boxes
Or take a scientific approach! To see and learn more about this great seashell display, read Beach and Sea Memories in Frames.

seashell collection in tray
View a few Stunning Shadow Display Boxes, from antique printer trays to drawers, they're all great option to spotlight a beautiful seashell collection.

gallery wall with seashell art
Or make Shell Art with your treasures! Follow the link for ideas how to frame shells and create a wall gallery. Via Traditional Home.

shell display bookcase
If you were lucky and found a number of big shells, devote an entire bookcase or glass cabinet (below) to your treasures. From a dining room makeover seen at House Beautiful.

shell collection in glass cabinet
To see more amazing examples like this, visit Organizing Sea Collections in Glass Cabinets. Via Wisteria.

shell table
And here's another antique printer tray, turned into a Coffee Table! Via My Home Ideas.

coastal porch
And lastly, take your seashell collection outside. In Susan's Coastal Home on the Jersey Shore a shell collection greets you by the entry door.

seashell pot
Or top off a pot with seashells. Via Edenmakers, featured on Seashell Garden Ideas.

As you can see, your beautiful seashell collection can be displayed in so many ways, and make for quite a visual feast!
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Turquoise Diaries - Sahildeki Ev said...

This is definitely one of your best posts for me.. Lİving on the Mediterranean coast, I didnt know what to do with all the shells I've collected thru years.. Now I have some fantastic ideas...

Pirate Life said...

I spotted a super cute crab frame

iLoveShelling said...

Brilliant ideas! Thanks for posting this Maya, you always come up with the best of the best. xo

Della Merritt said...

I love all of these! I have 4 filled shell lamps, and shells in my plants, but the antique aquarium is very pretty. I'd love to have one!

LindaDiane said...

Love the fireplace full of shells. I may steal that this summer!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What great ideas. I love the terrarium, too and the old printer tray. I have so many shells now that I may want to do a shelf with glass canisters and jars. I love my shells!

Cindy said...

SO many beautiful ideas!!!

ancient one said...

I loved everything you have shown... love this post!!

Ideezine said...

See you don't have to know how to use shells just where to find them and your bolg to complete the project. Great post I really like the wall hanging with shells and net...perfect!

Pam Kersting said...

Thanks for posting this Maya - I'm always looking for new ways to display my precious seashell collections!

Angels and Everlastings said...

Really enjoyed this post -- actually only got halfway through -- enjoyed all the links -- need to come back later!

Maria Vieira said...

I love shells and in my house I have lots of shells . I started the collection 30 yrs ago. The name of my house is "Casa das Conchas" that means House of the Shells. Just look some of my tresors😀😀

Karyn said...

Pinterest recommended your pin for me. :) You have curated the best assortment of ideas for displaying a shell collection. My grandfather collected shells all over the world for fifty years and I have had them in a box in the closet for ten. Now I just have to decide which of your picks works best. Peace and joy!

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