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If I had a dog, she or he would have to stay off the furniture, sorry.

dog on furniture
But dogs on furniture (couches mostly) do look darn cute -especially when they fit into the color scheme! And who knows, maybe they even appreciate the coastal touches! So just for the fun of it, dogs on furniture for our amusement. There is, of course, a little bit of decor inspiration in this too. Via Traditional Home.

dog on porch furniture
A lovely ocean blue porch seen at Connecticut Cottages and Gardens. And a Straw Hat purposely (?) placed to complete the beachy summer look.

dog on furniture
The good thing about Glass Floats with netting is, they stay put. Or make rope coils to keep them in place, see More Decor Ideas for Glass Floats. Via Traditional Home.

dog on couch
Here's the pooch that got me started on this dogs on furniture post. Adorable! I think doggy and coral are the same size. But guess what the theme is here - Wall Stencils. And have you seen the post Artificial / Faux Corals for Decor?

dog on couch
Snuggling up to Nautical Pillows. See Thomas Paul Collection.

dog on bed
Dog and bed spread look perfect together in this NYC Seashell Lovers Apartment!

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beachcomber said...

i love how the pug is posing! all very cute.

simone said...

While they are very cute dogs you are missing a Doberman there:) Great rooms!

simpledaisy said...

I try not to let my girls on the furniture....but they sneak on anyways:)

Della said...

The blue and seagrass room is my fave! I do let my babies on the furniture. That is why it's called FURniture! :D LOL!

Karena said...

That second image has always been a favorite of mine!! Love the fish above the sofa!!

That dog is so cute!

Art by Karena

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Jane said... house was filled with them this weekend. (I had some of my "grand-dogs" staying here) As much as I tried to keep them off the furniture, I would turn my back, and there they the recently vacated chair...on the sofa... Oh well, that's why I have slipcovers!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the second favorite little dog! And I'm always saying I WANT a dog and then my hubby reminds me of things like this and I change my mind! heehee! But I may have a little dog inside...some day! lol ♥

Juju at Tales of said...

Funny Basset Hound. I bet he's suppose to be on the chair/ottoman at the end of the bed ;)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Della, that is funny. I never saw the fur in furniture!

missing moments said...

The bassett looks the sorrowful way bassets do! Love it!

Shellbelle said...

I love the beach and I love dogs! I have to keep a throw on my couch for my little granddog, there's absolutely no way to keep her off the couch. BUT, it is a beachy throw for sure!

Maya, thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone just made my day incredible special!


Beach House Living said...

Try to keep our brood off the sofa! The t.v. room one is theirs and for the most part they stay off the living rooms ones thank goodness!

Puna said...

Too cute but my dog sheds so much that I'm glad she doesn't get on the furniture:)

mickey johnson said...

great photos and soooo cute! my gigi has her own chair; however, she prefers to be right next to one of us on the sofa or bed. she is spoiled, but not rotten! xo, mickey

Linda said...

Aaaaaw....This has got to be one of the cutest blog posts on any site EVER!!! I love doggies!

I especially love the Basset - we had one ... he passed away last July...almost looks just like him...

I want to give all those doggies a big hug - they are the BEST accessory!

Thanks and hope you're having a wonderful week!

beachside cottage

Linda said...

PS - LOVING your sidebar - gorgeous pics and great shops! Yummy!


alyssa said...

wow! so cute! love it!

FP said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

michelle said...

These are so cute! My big dog stayed off but the little dog has found her way onto the couch, good thing she is small. :)

Lili said...

Awww, I could so easily get another doggie after seeing these! ~Lili

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