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Living on the go with an Airstream trailer sounds adventurous to me. And how fun would it be to decorate an Airstream trailer?

Airstream trailer Travel
My husband and I have moved ten times during our thirteen years of marriage, and are planning to move again. Maybe we should consider the nomadic lifestyle and live in an Airstream trailer! Via Flickr.

Airstream trailer Holiday
Airstream trailer living could be very romantic. Via.

Airstream trailer Living on the Beach
Traveling from one beach town to the next. Photo by Atlanta Bartlett whose husband Dave Coote restores vintage Airstream trailers. His intention is to transform the iconic old caravan into a home office and guest annex. Others turn them into their art studio, craft room, even a traveling clothing boutique. Curious? Go to Vintage Airstreams Re-Purposed into Creative Spaces.

Airstream Trailer bye the sea
Enjoying outdoor living and nature. All I need is my laptop! My husband on the other hand has a job to go to. But you never know! By Simon Brown Photography.

airstream decorating
And what's life like inside an Airstream trailer? Pretty much what you want it to be! Meet Amelia, featured on Design Sponge. She's stylishly decorated with nautical wallpaper, porthole, coastal pillows and more.

Airstream Bedroom
Airstream trailer models range from very affordable to very expensive and luxurious like this one. A recent bus model, the Skydeck, even features interior stairs leading to a deck on the roof.

Airstream Interior Kitchen
To see some retro interiors check out Vintage Vacations in Great Britain.

Airstream Interiors
Artistic Airstream Interiors created for The Grand Daddy Hotel.

Airstream Inside
Or step into this remodeled 1959 Airstream trailer, featured on Dwell, and at Sunset.

Airstream Interior
And at Australia's Byron Bay you can rent this lovely Airstream.

Airstream Living
And lastly, a short excerpt from the Airstream site: Airstream began with a single man and a most singular dream. The man was Wally Byam: his dream, to build the perfect travel trailer. One that would move like a stream of air. One that would be light enough to be towed by a standard automobile. One that would provide first-class living accommodations anywhere in the world. Thus, over 70 years ago was born the first Airstream trailer.

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Low Tide High Style said...

I would love to own an Airstream trailer and turn it into a guest house or office! And I thought we were bad, moving 8 times in 23 years, but you have us beat by a mile! Great post!

Kat :)

Beach House Living said...

These are the coolest. My sweetie really loves these. That first image looks so fun. Ten times in 13 years sure is a lot of moving.

Renee Finberg said...

i think this would be fun.
especially here in florida.
there are so many little beach towns.

simpledaisy said...

I would love to own an Airstream!!! They are so darn cute:)

Puna said...

I have really resisted the whole camping thing. Our entire neighborhood does it except for us. However, this little thing is so cute, I could possibly do it...

Juju at Tales of said...

This is how my husband and I dream of retiring. I want an airstream so bad!

Juju at Tales of said...

I dream in Airstreams :)

Kathysue said...

My Dad always wanted an airstream, he said they were the best constructed trailer, he loved to go camping in the comforts of home behind his car. Kathysue

Chance the Sea Dog said...

Looks like a world of fun, but I'm not sure this would be considered camping...more of a hotel room on wheels! Would be a blast to customize one of these beauties and casually go out in search of adventure.

Kathysue said...

Maya, Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning, it was so nice to see yout there,Kathysue

Nikki said...

In the next year or so we'll be selling our house and moving into a trailer while we build a house. Originally my Husband said we could get an airstream, but I thought it might be too small. Now I'm rethinking!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

It is one of my dreams to have one of these!

thelennoxx said...

OMG I LOVE the photo you picked as a header image this week! Makes me want to walk right into the picture =)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

We saw one of these over the weekend in a parking lot here. I think they are so cool. I'm not the camping type, so I wouldn't want to travel in one. I think I'd like one parked out back of my house as my own little "space"! Woudn't the neighbors love that??

Fearless Nester said...

Love the image of the airstream all lit up on the beach. And those lanterns on the ground. How inviting! Some great ideas here. ~Lili

jeannette said...

They look much spacier inside that I thought, and lighted up at night -sooo cute!
PS you rolled off my follow list somehow -please do me a favor and put your profile back on there -thanks! So much easier for visiting you:)

vicki said...

I could so get into this! Would love to have one of these!


bichonpawz said...

My grandmother had one of those old airstreams and loved it!! The new ones are positively amazing!! I love the header picture too...after living for three months last year in our RV, I can honestly tell you that yes, it is romantic! One must get over quarrels very quickly when living in less than 500 sq. feet of living space!! Great post!!

Beach Vintage said...

We are always camping up the beach in our caravan. love this post.

Shellbelle said...

When I was a child, my family went from a tent to a travel trailer and I loved it! Ours wasn't an Airstream, but was still wonderful. I dream of owning one and living on the move, traveling from beach to beach.

Ten times in 13 years, my comment on your other blog today is perfect.

Kathy and Robert said...

We travel full-time but not in an airstream. It's absolutely wonderful but I do miss the fun of decorating. Kathy@seashellsandoveralls

Anonymous said...

My husband and I (in our 30's and both self employed) and our dog have been living in our 29ft airstream for one year this month!! It's the most amazing lifestyle choice. We feel very connected to nature and less tied up with the consumer grind. It's been completely refinished inside and has a modern westcoast feel to it. Since it's such a small space, we were able to splurge on the decor and finishes... for example wallpaper from Cole & sons in birch. SO fun:)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Thanks so much for sharing your airstream living experience. I think those are definitely some of the beauties of the lifestyle, more connected to nature and less tied up with the consumer grind, plus flexibility. I only need my laptop, so I could easily live in an airstream. It would be fun to restore one!

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